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Top 10 Must-Haves to Bring on Wedding Day

November 24, 2019

As your wedding day approaches, you may begin to feel overwhelmed trying to remember all of the little things you need to bring with you. I love helping my brides be as prepared as possible, so here is a list of 10 things to have set aside on the day of the wedding so that I can walk in, give you a big congratulatory hug and get started right away with the details!

1.) Be sure to have all 3 rings with you in the bridal suite. Don’t worry, your coordinator and I make sure the rings get to the best man and maid of honor or wherever it is they need to go!

2.) The dress! You wouldn’t think that this needs to be said given that it’s what you’re wearing to get married in, but I have had it happen where the dress was left at mom’s house by mistake and dad had to run home to get it!

PRO TIP: Bring a pretty hanger instead of just the plastic one. Not to worry, I usually have a back-up hanger in my car in case we need it!

3.) Veil/Hair Pieces. Again, I know this sounds like something you wouldn’t forget, but It’s happened! The best place for your Veil/Hair Pieces to be is inside the garment bag with your dress! This will help ensure these items get where they’re supposed to be.

4.) The shoes. I feel like I am starting to sound like a broken record, BUT, this just happened at one of my last weddings! A bride forgot her shoes and had to ask a bridesmaid to pick up a pair on the way to the venue. So, shoes, make sure to bring them!

5.) Bouquet & Bouts. The important thing to know is WHEN and WHERE they are arriving. I love having your bouquet styled in with some of your details so that it flows with your wedding day, start to finish.

6.) Jewelry. This may or may not apply to you, but if you are wearing jewelry, it’s important to have it with you when I arrive. Not only will I photograph it styled, but we will need it for your getting ready portraits.

7.) Perfume. This may be another one that may not apply. However, I will say that I have had brides bring perfume bottles that they LOVE simply because they love how the perfume bottle ties in with the details. Case in point below!

8.) Invitation Suite. This is one of my favorite parts of details! I absolutely love seeing the creativity behind your invitation suites and how it coordinates with the colors from your wedding day

9.) Borrowed & Blue. These traditions and will look different for every single bride. The image below features some amazing white sparkly shoes with blue silk laces, and the bracelets were something borrowed from her grandmothers. The more personal, the better!

10.) Heirloom pieces. This could be something like a handkerchief, or jewelry that is passed down through the generations. This is one more thing that will be very personal to each and every bride. The image below is very special because it has several heirloom pieces incorporated. The lipstick tube is the very same lipstick that her mother on her wedding day. The veil was worn by the bride’s great-grandmother. And the comb bracelet was worn by her grandmother on her wedding day.

Because I know you’re busy, below is the above in a list form.

1.) Rings

2.) Dress

3.) Veil/Hairpiece

4.) Shoes

5.) Bouquet/Bout

6.) Jewelry

7.) Perfume

8.) Invitation Suite

9.) Borrowed/Blue

10.) Heirloom Pieces

PRO TIP: Most of these items can fit in an oversized shoe box. This helps keep everything together in one space for when it’s time to start getting ready!

What’s your favorite part of details?

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