I married my highschool sweetheart at just 18 years old. We moved from. a small town in Georgia, away from everything we'd ever known, all the way to San Francisco. Little did we know, that The Bay Area would be the birthplace to both of our children and KCP. After a job transfer, we find ourselves living the Aloha lifestyle on the island of Oahu. 
These days, you can find us at our favorite beaches soaking up the sun or driving around enjoying the serenity of the island. I am beyond blessed to have these people supporting this career of mine. 


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Behind every thriving couple is an incredibly supportive entourage. Without these people, some might say your relationship wouldn't exist! (Kidding!!)

amazing friendships


The perfect venue setting, the romantic atmosphere, carefully selected floral arrangements, and meticulously planned out details. 

gorgeous planning


Epic love stories don't exist only in fairytales. Each couple has story of their own, and I believe the wedding day, is just the beginning.

a strong love story


My couples have more than chemistry; They have a partnership full of silliness, kindness, and respect.

The perfect partner


Are you a couple who enjoy having fun, maybe even a little too much fun? Do you find yourself making friends with the cashier at Target after spending $100+ even though you only went in for "one thing?" Are you a couple who enjoy just living in the moment? Do you find yourself always trying to make the best of a less than ideal situation? Are you looking for your wedding images to be timeless? If you believe there's no such thing as the perfect wedding, just the perfect wedding for you, then you are the epitome of what it means to be a KCP couple! 

what makes a kcp couple?


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