Hi there! I’m Kristen, an expert wedding & portrait photographer.

I live for snickerdoodles, have a crude sense of humor, am a closet Swiftie, and believe a sunset at the beach can cure the worst of moods.


I was a bride planning a wedding with our closest friends and family in our hometown. It felt like a dream. Until it... wasn't. 

Two days before the wedding, our photographer bailed. Yep, that's right. One of my biggest fears came true. We suddenly found ourselves scrambling and calling every photographer I could find to see if they were available. Much to our dismay, everyone was either booked or way beyond our budget. Heartbroken, we had to accept that we would not have the memories of this day preserved in the way we'd always envisioned.

Then I finally found my purpose, relieving all the worries for my clients surrounding their photography experience.

I have spent the last 14 years dedicated to ensuring my clients have an affordable photography option that will allow them to enjoy their photography experience. To have the assurance they need to know that their photographer is going to do more than just show up. I want them to know I'll be there to answer questions about timelines, provide vendor recommendations, what to wear, help prepare you and your partner for engagement sessions, how to keep the littles engaged, or handle sensitive family situations with grace, and ultimately know that you are taken care of and loved. 

Cinnamon vanilla creamer, coffee, and a rainy morning...the best part of waking up, is coffee in your cup. 

Top: My family. Left, my fave drink. Right: My favorite place at my favorite time of day.

Two of three cats are pictured. Keone (little rascal) + Verity. Hermione (not pictured) is our shy girl.


Kristen is the founder & photographer of KCP. She's an expert wedding & portrait photographer who swears sparkles and kindness make the world go 'round. She hopes to be known for bringing a level of ease to her clients knowing that they will have a stress-free photography experience without breaking the bank.




I live for fuzzy blankets. For real, I own like 50. Who doesn't love comfy, fuzzy blankets?


Sparkles make my heart happy. I love staring at glittery things, from the sea to the pretty wedding rings.


I don't have a single favorite tv show....I have MANY favorites. 


I live in t-shirt dresses on the daily. They make me look put together, and have the comfort of pjs. #lifehack

Photo credit :Kelly Moeller


We went from 0 to 3...cats, that is! We adopted three rescue cats from Pounce Lounge Hawaii and they have stolen our hearts! 

Pasta & Carbs

usually craving

At the present time, Law & Order: SVU

favorite show to binge

Fuzzy Blankets

can't live without

Why not both...at the same time? 

beach vs mountains

Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee

drink of choice

Bellows Beach, I'll always love you

favorite place i've been:

Labor & Delivery Nurse/Midwife/Doula

alternate universe job:

Charmed (the OG, not the new one)

Guilty pleasure

Taylor Swift or Jennifer Lawrence

celeb i'd love to meet


Favorite indulgence


Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.

Shall we create something


together, or what?

I take a limited number of sessions per month and weddings a year to ensure each client gets my full attention. Sessions begin at $525 and Weddings at $3,250.

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